City To Sumner Beach Cruise

City To Sumner Beach Cruise

Min 3 - 4 hours
Find your way to Pioneer Stadium
Tour Type:
Scooter cruise to Sumner Beach
Group size:
Min 2 / Max 5


The city to sumner beach cruise is all about the journey. Take a leisurely cruise out the Christchurch’s iconic Sumner Beach and wind your way through some of Christchurch’s outer suburbs alongside the Heathcote rivers cutting through local parks and picnic areas along the way.

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City To Sumner Beach Cruise

The City to Sumner Beach cruise leaves from Pioneer Stadium in Hoon Hay, and follows the winding Heathcote river / Ōpāwaho which meanders around the base of the iconic port hills of banks peninsula.

The Sumner Beach cruise takes in some of the outer suburbs of Christchurch City, getting a true feel of suburban Christchurch and finishing up at Scarborough / Sumner beach in the city’s east. On our way out to Sumner beach, we will pass a number of hidden gems along the way, there are far too many to list and do on any single tour so depending on the time of year and the weather on the day, we’ll pick out the most suitable ones for you to enjoy.

The best part of the Sumner Beach cruise is the journey itself. We cruise through some beautiful nature lined paths and parks such as Farnley Reserve in Hunstbury and Ernle Park in Cashmere where English woods are planted along the Heathcote River and NZ natives in the area to the South of a large spring fed pond under forest like canopies and natural tree lined paths as we pass through some of the suburbs along the way.

Stopping off at the Tannery Shopping Complex along the way, this tour takes in some of the hidden gems located just outside the central city. The Tannery is a boutique shopping emporium on the banks of the Heathcote River in Woolston, Christchurch, New Zealand.

The old industrial precinct from the 19th century is now home to a retail complex boasting stunning architecture and art, and home to a concentration of boutique shops; a hub of creativity and hospitality, retail, craft and entertainment.

The Tannery is a unique destination that is enjoyed by locals and tourists alike who describe it as “Quirky, eclectic and worth finding” and “Old-time charm meets modern attraction”. With more than 50 boutique shops, restaurants, bars and a deluxe cinema, The Tannery has evolved unassumingly into Christchurch’s premier retail destination. Home to owner-operated and specialist shops that you won’t find anywhere else – there is not a chain store in sight.

Finishing at Sumner Beach, a popular swimming and surfing spot, the sandy beach is great for dozing in the sun or having a splash in the sea. Cruise along the beach esplanade and enjoy some of the quirky seaside architecture that gives Sumner it’s character.

On a clear day, you will have magnificent views of the Kaikoura ranges to the north and take in Cave Rock, Scarborough Park and the historic clock tower. Top the day off with a delicious ice-cream from one of the many ice-cream parlours.


What You Need To Know

We’ve have put together some suggestions and tips to make your tour as enjoyable as possible.


TRAIL CONDITIONS: Most of the tour uses a mix of public roads and cycleways, you may also encounter some loose gravel surfaces through parks and public spaces. Care must be taken with other road users, cyclists and pedestrians and NZ road rules will apply.

FOOD & WATER: Whilst there are plenty of food and drink stops along the way, we wont be stopping off at all of them and you may also bring your own food and water with you. We usually stop at one of the cafes in Sumner where we can sit down, relax and have a chat.

WEATHER CONDITIONS: Canterbury weather is very changeable, we recommend bringing a jacket even if the weather is good as we can often encounter a cold easterly out toward the coast. In the event of bad weather preventing us from going, you will be notified by email.

MOBILE COVERAGE: Christchurch has good mobile and data coverage in the central city and most suburbs and you should have no problem using your mobile phone.

CAMERAS: We recommend bringing your camera regardless of the weather. We stop at a number of locations along the way that provide some great photo opportunities.

OTHER ITEMS: We recommend sunglasses and sunscreen when the sun is out in Christchurch. Sunscreen is strongly advised when it’s sunny as we have quite harsh sun here in New Zealand.

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