Electric City Scooters Christchurch

Our electric scooters are a unique & modern approach to Christchurch tourism. Powered by 100% renewable hydroelectric energy generated right here in the South Island.


Electric City Scooters Christchurch operates a fleet of electric powered scooters to provide a unique tourist experience that you simply cant get any other way. Some tour buses and traditional tourism experiences can be pretty restrictive and often stick to the same route all the time.

Christchurch’s new cycleways have opened up with more on the horizon which gives us the ability to provide you with a truly local experience and see the sights of our city in a way you have never been able to before. Cruise all the way out to Sumner Beach or get a slice of history on the Little River Rail Trail or explore the centre city and surrounding suburbs.

We don’t take big groups of people and rush you through like cattle. We don’t sit you on a bus and give you the same old boring guided tour, instead we let you take your time, go off the beaten track a little and show you some of the less known, but more interesting places and spaces. None of our tours are 100% the same, we try to get to know you a little and that’s what will help us take you to the places that we know will interest you.